The first Innovation Launch Pad features SpiceUp. SpiceUp is developing information services to support 100,000 pepper farmers in Indonesia to increase their yield and optimize their inputs of water, fertilizers and pesticides. Experts helped SpiceUp to re-invent their business model and optimize farm data to realize sustainable production.

During the Innovation Launch pad the selected experts, specialized in technology, finance, data and business development, brought new perspectives, while building on each others knowledge. Working with a Human Centered Design approach, farmers and business partners of SpiceUp joined the sessions to explore the problems together and test prototypes to create effective solutions.

Listen to our podcast with Jay Akkireddy from IDH, and Evert-Jan Verschuren from SpiceUp about the Innovation Launch Pad and the challenge SpiceUp is facing: how can we make farm-data commercialization good for farmers?

The Solutions

Cover White PaperThis first Innovation Launch Pad resulted in two concepts:

  • A data exchange platform based on digital tools already familiar to farmers (mainly WhatsApp and Youtube), which aims to spread GAP and track farm data in direct dialogue with participating farmers.
  • A cooperative-based farming model, in which SpiceUp will train subcontracted farmers (preliminary name: “Ranger”) in GAP and data logging. The Rangers then collaborate with several farmers each and receive a portion of the increased earnings from the sale of produce.

Read the white paper which outlines each of the concepts, including stakeholder insights, strategy, key features, initial business models, draft roadmaps for next steps, and documentation of some rapid prototypes.

Download white paper

The video shows how these concepts were developed in the one week ‘design sprint’.

The Experts

These are the experts that were selected to participate and develop customized digital solutions for SpiceUp.

  • Nienke Bernard

    Legal Consultant - Data Privacy Expert

  • Ananth Gudipati

    Digital Solutions / Product lead - Agriculture

    World Food Program

  • Koen Verberne

    Business & Service Developer


  • Bernadette Farias Loscio

    Associate professor

    Federal University of Pernambuco

  • Antoni Hauptmann

    Chairman & Founder


  • Nzau Muinde

    Product Manager - Agriculture Incubator


  • Evert-Jan Verschuren

    Challenge Owner


  • Jayadeep Akkireddy

    Senior Innovation Manager - Digital & Financial Inclusion