SHARP Funding for Responsible Supply Shed (RSS) Framework

Implementing partner:Proforest

Other partners: Prosympac, P&G, Wilmar, Unilever, GAR

Country/region: Indonesia

Targeted volume/area: 100,00 ha

Target: RSS Implementation

Project duration: N.A

Project summary

SHARP funding for RSS framework intends to implement RSS and HCV tools.


  • Formal recognition from key private stakeholders of the value of RSS: at least 10 companies acknowledging value of RSS framework
  • Number of major companies committed to implementation of RSS at scale (totaling at least 100,000 ha): 1
  • A simplified HCV for Smallholders approach proven for application: completion controlled field test in Sumatra
  • Endorsement by key private stakeholders of the simplified HCV tool: 10 companies
  • Number of major companies involved in field implementation of RSS and HCV tools: 6