The Borneo Initiative

The Borneo Initiative (TBI) has certified 2,247,671 hectares in total, over achieving by 4,085 hectares. In 2016, TBI certified 662,040 hectares. The program mobilized an additional 500.000 euro of private sector co-funding. On September 1, a closing event was held in Soest, including a workshop on reduced impact logging.

Country/region: Borneo, Indonesia

Targeted volume/area: 9 million ha

Project duration: N.A

Project Summary:

The Borneo Initiative is an international initiative for the promotion of sustainable forest management among forest concessions in Indonesia. In partnership with the Indonesian Association of Forest Concessionaires (APHI), it offers a platform for cooperation between various partner organisations dedicated to strengthening sustainable forest management. Forest concessions are supported with grant funding, expertise and market links – The Borneo Initiative organizes annual trade encounters to bring together the certified Indonesian forest industries and overseas buyers under the slogan: “Indonesian hardwood products: Sustainable. Quality. Guaranteed.”