Daan Wensing

Chief Executive Officer


Daan Wensing is the CEO and Chair of the Executive Board of IDH since 2020. Previously, he was director of global landscapes for IDH, and member of the management team of IDH.

He has a strong passion for sustainable development and a conviction that economy and sustainable development can be combined to support human development and safeguard our planet. He works by collaborating with the private sector in partnership with governments and other stakeholders for the transformation of our economy.

Prior to joining IDH, Daan was the managing director of the Leaders for Nature network and head of IUCN NL’s business and biodiversity programs. Before joining IUCN NL, Daan co-founded the company Triple E and was the director of one of its business units. Daan has a MSc in Biology from Utrecht University and a Master’s in Science and Business from Utrecht University.

A message from Daan to IDH partners