Attracting Private Investments for Sustainable Landscapes: A Guide

In 2021, IDH and WWF joined forces to develop a new guide that aims to support project organizers in identifying and enabling investment opportunities in support of sustainable landscape goals. To attract private finance in support of sustainable landscapes – delivering on production, protection and inclusion goals – there is an important role for project organizers to support project developers in getting investable landscape projects off the ground.

These project organizers and their sponsors lack a uniform approach to helping the development of sustainable landscape finance opportunities, often losing time and energy preparing projects that end up not meeting (impact) investor expectations.  To address this gap, the new guide developed by IDH and WWF provides guidance and a framework for designing landscape finance projects and investment proposals that consider the needs of investors, especially when these projects are still in an early stage of development.

The guide focuses on designing investments in landscape finance projects where investment opportunities in companies or projects have (the potential for) a bankable business case and are driven by committed project developers, and that support biodiversity, sustainable land management, and climate change adaptation and/or mitigation.

Guidance and tools are provided for project organizers to identify such projects: supporting landscape actors in transforming landscape projects into landscape finance projects, and supporting project developers in making them investment ready.

The guide can be downloaded here:

Download publication

Download publication