Pre-investment Technical Assistance by LDN TAF





Business model

AQRE sources Artemisia Annua from more than 15,000 smallholders spread over several areas in Madagascar and produces the molecule Artemisinin in its local factory. Artemisinin is the main molecule used in Artemisinin Combination Therapies (ACTs).  ACTs are recommended by the WHO as first line treatment to cure Malaria.

Investment need

AQRE is seeking investment to expand its processing capacity and the sustainable production of Artemisia.

Technical assistance

  • Executing a combined Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of AQRE’s existing operations and for proposed new/scaled activities, to assess and predict potential adverse social and environmental imapcts and to develop suitable mitigation measures, which are to be documented in an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP). Based on the ESMPa nd a sound understanding of risks and impacts (negative and positive) AQRE will then build its Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS).
  • Additionally, the technical assistance has the objective to identify opportunities to maximize environmental and social impact connected to AQRE’s operations.

Technical assistance support from the LDN TAF does not constitute a commitment from the LDN Fund, or Mirova, to finance directly or indirectly the project described above. Any such commitment shall be subject to inter alia, a detailed technical, financial and legal due diligence of the company and the project, as well as all required LDN Fund investment committee approvals and satisfactory documentation.