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The LDN TAF have partnerships with project partners in Latin America, Africa, and Asia

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SLB Brazil
Brazil | Forestry
WhatIF Foods
Ghana | Bambara beans
Atlas Fruits Company
Morocco | Citrus
Ghana | Agroforestry based tropical almond and fonio
BMF Vietnam
Vietnam | Wood bioenergy
Kinomé – Governance Assistance Facility (GAF)
Peru/Colombia | Agroforestry
Mexico | Citrus, Agroforestry
Côte d'Ivoire | Shea
Kenya | LDN Fund investee | Timber
Fairventures Social Forestry
Indonesia | Agroforestry
Colombia | LDN Fund investee | Coffee, Cocoa, Agroforestry
Cambodia | Charcoal
Mountain Hazelnuts
Bhutan | LDN Fund investee | Hazelnuts
Miro Forestry
Ghana & Sierra Leone | LDN Fund investee | Timber
Philippines | Cocoa, Abaca, Plantain, Agroforestry
Forest First Colombia
Colombia | Timber
Ejido Verde
Mexico | Pine chemicals, Forestry industries
Côte d'Ivoire | Cocoa, Agroforestry
Cinch Markets
Kenya | Horticulture, Agroforestry
Café Selva Norte
Peru | LDN Fund investee | Coffee, Agroforestry
Cacao Oro
Nicaragua | LDN Fund investee | Cocoa, Coffee, Agroforestry
AQRE Group
Madagascar | Artemisia
African Bamboo
Ethiopia | Bamboo

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