Cocoa production has been a major driver of deforestation in West Africa over the past decades.  With initiatives like the Cocoa & Forests Initiative, the Amsterdam Declaration Partnership, producing country efforts and work on an ambitious EU Action Plan on Deforestation, one thing is clear: there is an unprecedented engagement to halt deforestation. However, progress is slow and more is needed to achieve the necessary transformation in the cocoa sector.

In this event, we aim to capitalize on the sector’s commitment, specifically within the Cocoa & Forests Initiative and the Amsterdam Declaration, to halt cocoa-related deforestation and ensure that existing efforts are not duplicating but instead, are mutually reinforcing. By doing so, the cocoa sector has the chance to become a true force for good and halt deforestation in a way that respects people and nature.

Through an interactive program with a diverse and knowledgeable audience, we will work together to answer the following questions:

  • How can we ensure that actions to halt deforestation from cocoa production are coordinated and mutually reinforcing?
  • How can different indicator frameworks be aligned to ensure effective monitoring of progress on commitments?
  • How can we build a smart mix of voluntary and mandatory measures in which public policy and current commitments complement each other?

Participation upon invitation. For any questions, please reach out to

This event is co-organized by The Rainforest Alliance, Tropenbos International and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative. It is part of a series of events IDH is (co-)organizing during the International Sustainability Week Towards Deforestation-free, Sustainable Commodities of the Amsterdam Declaration Partnership.

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