The impact of climate change is adversely impacting smallholder farmers globally, affecting yield, productivity, and overall livelihoods. IDH addresses these issues through public-private action.

IDH’s Climate-Smart Cotton Landscapes (CCL) apply an innovative jurisdictional model to foster agricultural ecosystems which conserve and enhance natural resources and build community resilience, through alternate livelihood interventions for better income for smallholder farmers, whilst also enabling businesses to source responsibly.

At a strategic level, IDH leads the design and brings partners together for the successful implementation of programs. We catalyze financing from different sources for field-level implementation alongside our public and private sector partners and convene all partners around shared sustainability commitments and targets. At the field level, we also build capacity on market demands and requirements and invest in digital innovations in micro-learning for farmer capacity building.


We support businesses, financiers and civil society to realize sustainable trade in global value chains while providing cotton farmers access to climate-resilient practices which in turn will enhance and de-risk them from climate fluctuations.


With our global programs, we are building resilience in faming communities through:

  • Good agricultural practices
  • Soil conservation and land development
  • Water resource development and management
  • Gender empowerment
  • Farmer capacity building
  • Better income through alternate livelihood
  • Regenerative farming

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