IDH & Mirova

Nienke Stam – Program Director Landscape Finance, IDH Gautier Quéru – Fund Director, Mirova

This LDN Insights landing page shares facts & figures, lessons learned, tools and publications of the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Fund and Technical Assistance Facility (TAF). It is our second joint learning platform, since the LDN Fund and linked TAF were launched at the UNCCD COP 13 in Ordos, China, in 2017.

Reducing and reversing land degradation requires innovative and impactful business models. Today, strong market demand for sustainable products and carbon neutrality continues to create further opportunities for land project operators. And we see a new generation of entrepreneurs stepping up, raising more funds and attracting talents.

We are proud to be able to share our progress and tools with you, and suggest to also read through and download a number of case studies on investment projects,

because after all it is the people in these companies and projects that are making the day-to-day difference, for the farmers and communities they work with, and for the life on land they restore and protect.

Inclusive business and investment also require investing in building partnerships with governments, NGOs, and stakeholders. We do not hold all answers to the challenges of our times, but we are working, learning and build and contribute to such partnerships to be part of the solution.

By sharing the insights gained so far, our aim is to inspire, spark and speed-up again more innovation, transparency and partnership, for the development of an inclusive and sustainable land management business sector, and for meeting our global goals.


Louise Baker – Managing Director of the UNCCD Global Mechanism, UNCCD

“Healthy and resilient land is increasingly recognized as the foundation of sustainable growth and prosperity in all regions. It could provide the basis of plans to build back better after the COVID19 pandemic and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Investing for healthy and productive land not only supports sustainable development and protects our shared natural resources but can generate commercially attractive returns. In that context, the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Fund offers an effective way for the market to invest in sustainable land management, with land as a new asset class. A trilateral partnership between IDH, Mirova, and UNCCD is setting new industry standards and developing a sustainable business model for investment in land and land restoration by bringing together de-risking public investors and private sector investors. The Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), run by IDH as the grant-making arm of the LDN Fund, plays a pivotal role at the heart of the LDN Fund Initiative.

The Facility has successfully provided resources and technical assistance to a range of project developers in developing and emerging economies worldwide. It is constructing a common platform that promotes strong social and environmental safeguards, enhances rights for people in and around project areas and links restoration to projects that generate decent jobs and livelihoods. To my mind, the TAF really reinforces the credibility of the overall investment process and that strong verifiable restoration results are obtained from the use of LDN Fund capital.

This website showcases the groundbreaking work of the TAF and the LDN Fund. It introduces cutting-edge lessons learned from the latest LDN Fund investments that have benefited from the tailored services of the TAF. The website provides a wealth of knowledge generated from various sustainable land management projects across the globe that can transform our understanding of land stewardship. It offers a pathway for smarter and more impactful investment in our collective future.”