In the afternoon, we will host six breakout sessions to get practical for speeding up and scaling up action. Please note that all six breakout sessions will take place simultaneously. Below, you can find the description and confirmed speakers for each session.

Please choose one session per round and register using the link received by email. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

1. Practical Strategies and Case Studies: Advancing Living Wages in Global Supply Chains

Delve into four company cases that are at different levels of development in their living wage journeys, but all with an equal commitment to advancing living wages in their supply chains. Speakers will share their first-hand experience, but be prepared to contribute your own insights. This session will be all about knowledge exchange for companies, focused on living wages in global supply chains.

This session is repeated from round 1

Speakers: Alice Follot (L’Oréal); Estelle Brennan (Labeyrie Fine Foods UK); Maximilian Iciok (Lidl International)

2. Driving Living Income: Strategic Partnerships and Practical Solutions for Impact

Partnerships and tools can be better harnessed to make progress towards living income. Find out about practical strategies, tools, and partnership models that enable living income interventions, from investments for building infrastructure to the optimisation of land and yield.

This session is repeated from round 1

Speakers: Emma Dennis (Better Cotton Initiative)

3. Next Step After Launch of ILO Living Wage Guidance: Strengthening the Link Between Corporate Initiatives and Labour Relations

Join us for an insightful panel discussion, moderated by the ILO, that will translate the ILO’s recently published living wage recommendations into practice. Learn from several examples of companies and unions working together to improve wages and strengthen labour relation systems, both in their supply chains and own operations.

This session is repeated from round 1

Speakers: Patrick Belser (ILO); Charlotte Bernhard (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands); Yen Nguyen (CNV Vietnam); Janepher Nassali (Uganda Horticulture, Industrial, Service Providers and Allied Workers Union); Martine Bourcy-Reiss (Michelin); Maria Fernanda Possu Castrillon (Colombia Sugarcane union); Isabelle de Lijser (CNV); Emerson Aguirre Medina (Augura)

4. Exploring the Complementarity of LI/LW and Gender Equity

Explore the synergies between gender equity and living income and living wages. This session will share recommendations from a recent study on closing gender pay gaps, as well as case examples of best practices of gender equity in the world of work and business. It will also explore how gender-transformative approaches and activities on living income and living wages can be better linked to reaching complementary goals.

Speakers: Christina Archer (Sustainable Food Labs);  Sally Smith (Anker Research Institute); Sudi Biko Matara (KTDA)

5. Driving Social Impact: Learnings from Evidence-Based Targets Initiatives and the Need for Global Alignment on Claims 

To gain more global traction on living wage and living income, these topics must be prioritised by the boardroom-level of companies. For climate change, the Paris Agreement and the subsequent SBTI initiative provided a breakthrough. What could be leveraged for the movement on living income and living wage? Can a shift to evidence-based targets initiatives for living wage and living income bring about higher engagement?

Speakers: Arthur van Mansvelt (Platform Living Wage Financials); Kirsten Komives (ISEAL), Iris van der Velden (Ofi)

6. Responsible procurement insights: Frameworks and case studies for action

How can responsible procurement practices enable living wages?  In this session, hear about frameworks being used to guide responsible procurement and examples from different sectors, covering contracting through how buyers can collaborate with their supply chain partners to distribute more value to enable living wages.

Speakers: Suzy Garraghan (Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate), Xavier Roussel (Dole), Warren Bishop (ETI), Sarah Dadush (Responsible Contracting Project)

Check the other Summit pages for the breakout sessions in round 1, agenda, full speaker lineup and other practical details.

Living Wage and Living Income Summit 2024