We have seen steps of progress to address living wage and living income gaps through joint public and private sector actions, engagement by producers and buyers, and social dialogue. The topic is also being embraced by due diligence regulation and multilateral organisations. To make real strides we need the vast majority of stakeholders to take up their shared responsibility.

Take up your part and join us at the Living Wage & Living Income Summit.

You’ll be welcomed alongside 400 public and private sector decision makers from producing countries and consuming countries. We can create deeper and more cohesive change together.

During the summit, participants will be inspired through case examples, the transfer of knowledge and tools, and shared learning to better understand what is truly possible in this space. Opportunities for further collaboration will also be unlocked.

 The Living Wage and Living Income Summit is by invite-only. Have you received the invite, please don’t forget to register.  If you didn’t receive an invite but you are interested in attending, please let us know by email 

  • 26th June 2024
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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  • Hosted by GIZ & IDH
  • Sponsored by UNGC

We believe that living wages and incomes are essential to achieving sustainable economic development. Join us to make strides towards a future with fairer value chains.

In the coming weeks we will add the agenda and speakers to this page. Stay tuned!



About GIZ 

GIZ is a German federal enterprise working in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. We are operating in about 120 countries to create a future worth living around the world.  

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and other federal ministries, GIZ has been promoting the improvement of social and environmental standards in global supply chains for over 15 years. Collaboration with our partners in the public and private sector, in civil society and research is key for us to pool expertise and to develop joint solutions.  

GIZ promotes living wages and living income by supporting policy processes and by coordinating multi-stakeholder initiatives as well as pilot projects in our partner countries. We empower value chain actors and policy makers by developing practical tools and guidance materials, such as the Living Income Toolkit for companies and the Living Income Toolkit for governments.

As a founding partner of the Living Income Community of Practice and ALIGN we facilitate learning exchange and the harmonization of strategies. 

About UN Global Compact

As a special initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General, the UN Global Compact is a call to companies worldwide to align their operations and strategies with Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Our ambition is to accelerate and scale the global collective impact of business by upholding the Ten Principles and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through accountable companies and ecosystems that enable change. With more than 20,000 participating companies, 5 Regional Hubs, 61 Local Networks covering 66 countries and 15 Country Managers establishing Networks in 34 other countries, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative — one Global Compact uniting business for a better world.

The recently launched Forward Faster Initiative of the UNGC calls on business leaders to take measurable, credible and ambitious action in five areas. On Living wage specifically, companies can commit to (1) 100% of employees across the organisation earning a living wage by 2030; (2) establish a joint action plan(s) with contractors, supply chain partners and other stakeholders to work towards achieving living wages and/or living incomes with measurable and time-bound milestones.

Learn more about IDH Living Wage and Living Income work

To support companies’ effort to close living wage gaps, IDH developed the Living Wage Roadmap. This has led to five clear steps with practical tools through which companies can progress. From measuring to action. IDH’s Living Income Roadmap helps companies, along with other stakeholders, take ambitious, aligned actions to close farming households' living income gaps.