IDH is working to secure living wages through the Roadmap on Living Wages. This platform works to strengthen international alignment and to build tangible solutions regarding living wage. Earning a living wage means workers receive sufficient wages to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and their family.

To act, companies need:

  • Reliable living wage benchmarks for every region they source from;
  • Understanding of workers’ current earnings and how these compare to living wage benchmarks;
  • Uniformity in how living wage gaps are verified;
  • Practical solutions to remove barriers and close living wage gaps;
  • Access to best practices and learning on how the gaps can be reduced over time.

IDH supports companies with all these steps through the Roadmap and the developed tools. Already a great group of companies and organizations are part of the Roadmap. Will you join too and use the Roadmap?

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Living Wage Summit

The Living Wage Summit is this December, will you be there?

For this second edition of the Living Wage Summit, changemakers from all relevant stakeholder groups will come together to discuss how to accelerate practical action on Living Wages.

Using the Living wage Roadmap as the guiding principle, the full-day Summit will feature a bold agenda with many breakout sessions and discussions in small groups providing plenty of opportunities for participants to share insights and lessons learned.

The Living Wage Summit is organized with the support of Belgium’s Development and Cooperation Minister Meryame Kitir.

Check the website for more information and to register


Who has joined our Living Wage journey?

Are you ready to join the effort?

IDH is calling out to companies taking the next step in their living wage commitment to take action and secure living wages for women and men in the workplace.

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Hear from our partners

“IDH played a key role in converging , aligning efforts to move the living wage agenda in the banana supply chain. To ensure its success, it will require the whole value chain to work collaboratively and to find sustainable solutions together. In addition to listen to all relevant stakeholders, the methodologies and tools developed by IDH enable everyone to work within a similar framework and evaluate living wage gaps in a similar fashion.”

Julie Cournoyer

Director Global Sustainability, Fyffes

Hear more from our partners

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