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  • Step 1: Identify the Living Wage
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Barriers to living wages differ among supply chain actors but the common thread to achieving them lies in collaboration. We can only succeed when every partner assumes responsibility and does their part. This new resource under our Roadmap on Living Wages, the Living Wage Action Guide, will support companies to close the living wage gap.

Explore how you can take action with your supply chain partners to close living wage gaps.

Learn and delve into the practical tips on what you can do on your own and where you need to collaborate with others.

Be inspired to take action!

Visit the Living Wage Action Guide

Living Wage Action Guide

Living Wage Action Guide

Living Wage in Action

Buyers’ Guidelines: Voluntary Contributions to Support Closing Living Wage Gaps

These guidelines are crafted for buyers that are committed to work on living wages in their supply chains and need pragmatic tools to get started. They are written for buyers who want to provide voluntary financial contributions to suppliers with the end goal to positively influence workers’ incomes. The guidelines function as a practical, step-by-step tool to proactively initiate and implement such voluntary contributions. We thank all the organisations linked to Roadmap on Living Wages who proactively contributed to the consultation that led to the development of these guidelines.

Click here to download the guidelines.

Call to Action: Business to Business

During the 2021 Living Wage Summit, together with a group of front-running companies we launched a Call to Action, from Business to Business, to build together a living wage economy. We believe that to secure living wages means investing in the future of business. We urge businesses to join us in our effort.

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How to measure progress when addressing living wages?

IDH recommends stakeholders as they move through the Roadmap steps to monitor and publicly report progress against some Key Performance Indicators.

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