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  • Step 1: Identify the Living Wage
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  • Step 2: Measure the Living Wage Gap
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  • Step 3: Verify calculations of Living Wage Gaps
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  • Step 4: Close the Gap
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  • Step 5: Sharing Learnings

Case Studies

Through the below case examples we aim to provide some insights on actions taken through our own work and the work of other companies.


IDH Market Transformation Summit

Join us to learn more about the ongoing work on Living Wages

November 2023, IDH will recognize 15 years of public-private collaboration at our Action through Collaboration Summit in Geneva, Switzerland where we’ll be welcoming 200+ committed front-running leaders, ministers, investors, innovators and practitioners that have the most influence over global value chains to accelerate action towards market transformation.

The Summit is an opportunity to reflect and build on 15 years of shared insights and is a global platform for attendees to learn from each other, share best practices, and stay current on the latest developments.

Different sessions will focus on topics such as inequality (living income, living wage, worker safety), gender transformative business-models, innovative investment, climate adaptation and mitigation, and integrated sustainability agendas. Issues including value chain disruptions, the EU CSDDD, Swiss DD and ESG reporting will be addressed, as well as shared learnings from across sectors and value chains. As fitting the aim of the Summit, solutions for action will take center stage.

Read here about our Market Transformation Summit 2023


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