Follow the Roadmap

  • Step 1: Identify the Living Wage
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  • Step 2: Measure the Living Wage Gap
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  • Step 3: Verify calculations of Living Wage Gaps
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  • Step 4: Close the Gap
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  • Step 5: Sharing Learnings

Case Studies

Through the below case examples we aim to provide some insights on actions taken through our own work and the work of other companies.

Living Wage & Living Income Summit 2024

We have seen steps of progress to address living wage and living income gaps through joint public and private sector actions, engagement by producers and buyers, and social dialogue. The topic is also being embraced by due diligence regulation and multilateral organisations. To make real strides we need the vast majority of stakeholders to take up their shared responsibility.

Take up your part and join us at the Living Wage & Living Income Summit 2024.

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