Cashew projects

Rolling out traceability and targeted investment in farmer groups and at processor level

IDH supports several projects with the leading cashew processors in West Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin). The aim is to increase the livelihood of farmers in Africa and assure decent working conditions in the processing factories in Africa & Asia.

The projects combine the roll-out of traceability and targeted investment in farmer groups and at processor level.  The projects are being executed under the umbrella of the ComCashew initative (formaly African Cashew Initative) and in cooperation with the Sustainable Nut Initative (SNI).

Besides the organisation mentioned above, we are implementing the system with about ten leading processors operating in Africa. Next to the farmers, processors and roaster the first retailers have joined the projects.

By combining traceability (SNI & 3S system) and targeted actions (co-funded by IDH), the (sustainability) risks in the supply chain can be mitigated and addressed.  Please find below the benefits of this approach:

  • Farm to fork  (risk) management
    • Transparency to retailer on production and processing  circumstances
  • More efficient sourcing
  • Strengthen processor – farmer relation
  • Data driven supplier performance
    • Monitor product quality & quantity on famer level / region
    • Customized support to farmer groups resulting in higher yields and better quality
  • Existing certifications / verification schemes can be easily linked in 3S, if existence

Roll-out & scaling
The first batches of traceable produce will be available in the upcoming season in West Africa.  The coming three years the partners will be up-scaling the traceable volumes from West-Africa and intensify their sourcing with targeted farmers groups.