Revitalization of the Cote d’Ivoire Coffee Sector


The Olam project in Cote d’Ivoire has varied, practical mechanisms for revitalizing the coffee sector in the country. Through partnering cooperatives, the project will firstly distribute high yield coffee seedlings. Beyond this, 1280 hectares of coffee plantations will be established or rejuvenated, in a sustainable way which does not lead to deforestation. 4000 producers will also be trained in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), environmental and social norms. Furthermore, 100 hulling machines will be distributed to the cooperatives included in the project in an effort to improve post-harvest practices and infrastructure. These hulling machines will be provided to cooperatives on credit as a medium term material financing scheme. With each coffee delivery a deduction is made, alllowing farmers to pay off these hulling machines over time. More efficient coffee processing (and hence more coffee) from this infrastructure allows farmers to pay back these credit loans without creating further financial pressure.



Arjit Jain

(Senior Branch Manager)