Farmer to Farmer (F2F) Sumatra


Following the first phase of the Semend0 program (which ended in 2015), this project aims to extend on the work done in the first phase by engaging additional farming households in Indonesia, on a voluntary basis. Farmers who took part in phase one of the Semendo program will receive additional support on the application of innovative GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), including triple integrated pest management and post-harvest machinery. New farming households and farmer groups will take part in basic GAP training (focused on soil, tree, pests, harvest and post-harvest management) as well as training on integrated family farming (using a Gender Action Learning for Sustainability at Scale methodology).  By adopting these practices and building on practices learnt in phase 1, production is expected to increase by an average of 30% while coffee quality will increase by 10%. At least 80% of beneficiaries will adopt a 5 year vision for their farms, maintain regular record keeping, improve joint planning and better their decision making within their families.

The Semendo Coffee Farmer Association, established in phase 1 of the project, will be empowered to provide technical and financial services to other farmers. The Semendo Coffee Farmer Association will become a well-governed and representative producer organization with increased engagement from youth and women to ensure sustainability beyond 2019. The association will be equipped to provide farming inputs and credit products to its members and increase bargaining power on price premiums. The Semendo ‘Farmer Training Center’, also established during phase 1 of the project, aims to be a regional coffee learning center (complete with demo-plantations, a soil analysis laboratory and internet access) where local government officers and farmers alike can receive assistance and information.




Do Ngoc Sy

Laurent Bossolasco


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