The Little Book of Investing in Nature, A Simple Guide to Financing Life on Earth

The Little Book of Investing in Nature aims to energise the dialogue on financing biodiversity protection by clearly laying out options for financing biodiversity conservation. While some measures to protect biodiversity may come at an economic cost, others are likely to generate strong returns, economic and otherwise. This book presents evidence that, if a well-considered series of measures to protect nature is implemented, nature may be able to pay for itself.

As the international community considers how to finance biodiversity protection for the next decade and beyond, The Little Book of Investing in Nature aims to help governments, NGOs, the private sector and others compare existing and future options for financing conservation in a clear and consistent way.

To do so, this publication introduces an overarching framework that organises biodiversity financing mechanisms into the following categories: revenue generation, better delivery, expenditure realignment, avoidance of future expenditures, and catalysts.

This publication coordinated by Global Canopy is supported by AFD, Mirova, Biofin, Crédit Suisse, WWF, UNDP and IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative. 

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Download publication