Iris van der Velden

Former Global Director Learning and Innovation

+31 (0) 6 1481 1394

Iris is the former Director of Learning & Innovation at IDH. Prior to this role she worked as the Senior Manager creating impact in Smallholder Inclusion. She focused on topics like access to and innovative finance for smallholders and making services for smallholders more sustainable, effective and efficient. Her current position promotes learnings and innovation across all IDH commodities and geographies. Iris has a tack record in developing and implementing innovation ideas and building data-driven partnerships.

Before joining IDH, Iris was the Asian portfolio manager of Rabobank Foundation for 8 years. She managed a team in the Netherlands, India and Indonesia. The portfolio contained around 140 projects with an annual budget of EUR 8 – 9 million. Iris worked with a number of corporate clients of Rabobank to make their supply chains more sustainable.