Aquaculture Improvement Project to ASC

Implementing partner: World Wildlife Fund-US, China
Country: China
Species: tilapia
Targeted volume: 7,000 t (large-scale and small-scale farms)
Target: ASC
Project duration: 24 months (december 2014 – december 2017)

Project summary

World Wildlife Fund is providing technical assistance to farms seeking Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification throughout China, India and Thailand. In each country, these farms are poised to be some of the first ASC certified farms, opening market opportunities and aiming to initiate industry wide shift. Collectively, this project is targeting over 7,000 tonnes of tilapia and shrimp across 213 farms, with the help of at least eight companies.

The primary goal of this project is to initiate certification in countries that have had limited to no ASC presence, and to provide a template for expansion and greater adoption. China saw its first two fish farms certified in November 2015 and there has been continued momentum from a variety of industry actors. The purpose of certification it to address and minimize the key environmental and social impacts of aquaculture and to provide full traceability from feed origin to supplier.

Additional partners in this project are WWF China, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance, Guangdong Evergreen Aquatic Product Science and Technology Company. Ltd. (2 farm sites), Guangdong Bajia Seafood Co.,  Choice Group, Geekay Farms, Guangxi Baiyang Food Co. Ltd., Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co., Hainan Qinfu Industry Co.,Ltd.,Hainan Sky Blue Grobest Tilapia Farm (2 farm sites).


“Our farm relies heavily on the natural environment. The healthier the environment, the better for the shrimp. In order to raise safe and healthy shrimp, the physical environment should be at the pinnacle of a farm’s priorities.”

James, Farm Manager for Srisuban

 “The value of measurable performance, independent verification and a credible certification that minimizes impacts is paramount to ASC. It is a difficult road to achieve ASC shrimp farm certification, but the dedication of our partner farms is commendable.” 

Aaron McNevin, Aquaculture Director, WWF US

Contact details:

Aaron McNevin,
Director Aquaculture WWF