Commercialisation of Out grower Tilapia Production project

We will be launching the Commercialisation of our grower Tilapia Production project on 27 October 2023. This project is financed by IDH, Aller Aqua, and Bayrise and aims to build inclusive, gender-balanced supply chains while promoting sustainable aquaculture in Kenya’s Migori and Homabay Counties.

It is an important step towards achieving our goals of supporting local communities and contributing to the growth of the aquaculture industry in the region.


Our main objective with this project is to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable aquaculture by implementing out-grower models and aqua-hubs as viable business models. By establishing these models, we aim to create income-generating opportunities, enhance the resilience of local communities, and improve the overall aquaculture sector in the region.

Key Objectives
  •  Accessibility to Critical Inputs: The project will ensure that smallholder fish farmers have access to critical inputs, including high-quality fingerlings and feeds. This will be a cornerstone in enhancing the overall productivity of the aquaculture value chain.
  • Training and Capacity Building: We will provide training and capacity building opportunities to smallholder fish farmers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the quality and quantity of fish produced. This will not only improve their livelihoods but also raise the standards of fish farming in the region.
  • Market Access: To ensure that the fish produced reaches its target market, the project will work on providing smallholder farmers with improved market access. This includes establishing connections with buyers and creating sustainable market channels for their produce.

The launch event will serve as an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together and promoting sustainable aquaculture and economic development in Migori and Homabay Counties. It will feature keynote speakers, interactive sessions, and a presentation of the project’s key components.