ASC certification for tilapia farmers in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Implementing partner: Igara Consultoria em Aquicultura e Gestão Ambiental
Other partner(s): Associação dos Truticultores de Nova Friburgo; WWF Brazil
Country: Brazil
Species: Tilapia
Targeted volume: 600 MT (small-scale farms)
Target: ASC
Project duration: 9 months (January 2016 – September 2016)

Project summary

Implementation of Sustainable Seafood Certification in the state of Rio de Janeiro is a means to stimulate the aquaculture sector. This project aims to give tilapia farmers in Rio de Janiro enough knowledge to implement the recommended ASC procedures in their farms. This will lead to improved production control, leading to sustainable and responsible procedures for their operations. Water quality monitoring will be adopted as well as production control procedures.

This project falls within a bigger project with the goal to certify a group of farmers in Rio de Janeiro for supplying the 2016 Olympics Games with responsibly farmed seafood. It is a great multi-institutional initiative for improving local farms, adding sustainable practices to raise quality and fish value. Besides tilapia farms, the initiative also embraces freshwater trout and bivalve farms. It is a pilot initiative in Rio de Janeiro to improve conditions in which aquaculture activity operates and it is an excellent opportunity for training people to implement sustainable tools in the production process to enable certification.

WWF Brazil will be our partner, providing the support to meet certification costs and commercial strategy. Even though the Rio 2016 Commitment is 100% MSC/ASC certified products, the aim of the project is to use certification to coincide with the WWF commercial strategy for 2016. This strategy includes organising a Fish Week with major retailers and a embracing partnership with ABRASEL, a major restaurants association in Brazil.


“This project is bringing the opportunity of learning and implementing sustainable (a new concept for RJ producers) and responsible practices in tilapia production. We hope to reach a new segment of consumers.”

Adilson Nogueira de Novaes – Fazenda Vargem Alegre – Laje do Muriaé – RJ – Brazil

It´s a brilliant opportunity in RJ to help tilapia farmers that are seeking for certification. We all must better organize working procedures and take care of the environment”

Guilherme Almeida – Tilapicultura Três Pilares

Contact details:

Laurent Vigué, Latin America Manager ASC