Selva Shrimp® Aquaculture Improvement Program

Implementing partner: Blueyou Consulting LTD
Other partner(s): Minh Phu Seafood Corporation
Country: Vietnam, Kien Vang Forestry Area
Species: P. monodon
Targeted volume: 3,000 MT (small-scale farms)
Target: Certification according to Selva Shrimp® criteria, ASC and/or organic standards, traceability and chain of custody according to best practice
Project duration: Jun 2013 – Dec 2016

Project summary

Selva Shrimp is a unique aquaculture improvement program for silvofishery shrimp farming in Southeast Asia. The principle of silvofishery shrimp farming is simple: Mangrove forests are maintained in order to provide habitat and food for shrimp raised in small channels and ponds within the forest. Since shrimp is raised with no feed or chemicals, the ecosystem relies on its own natural productivity, creating incentives for farmers to conserve mangroves. The forest does not only provide the shrimp with natural food but also provides more stable income for families and communities. With the intensification of the shrimp farming industry and increasing pressure on natural resources, traditional silvofishery systems in Southeast Asia face multiple challenges. The Selvia Shrimp program has been specifically designed to address these challenges and creates a solid foundation for improvement and the maintenance of silvofisheries.

By first tackling basic elements and gradually addressing higher-level achievements, Selva Shrimp aims to meet the standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). The initiative brings together farming communities, local authorities, scientific institutions, shrimp processors and seafood buyers, which creates mutual understanding and fosters active cooperation as the basis for improvement.


“Shrimp raised in silvofisheries with no feed and chemicals are amongst the most sustainable seafood choices worldwide. We created Selva Shrimp® in order to recognize this unique value on international markets and, by doing so, we create incentives and leverage for change and further improvement in the farming communities”

René Benguerel, Managing Director Blueyou Consulting

Contact details

René Benguerel, Managing Director Blueyou Consulting