ASC shrimp for Sao Ta (Soc Trang farm)

Implementing partner: Icafis
Other partner(s): Saota Foods Joint Stock Company (FIMEXVN or SAOTA)
Country: Vietnam, Soc Trang province
Species: L. vannamei (527 MT) and P. monodon (4 MT)
Targeted volume: 1,200 tonnes (large-scale farm)
Target: ASC
Project duration: 
24 months (October 2014 – October 2016)

Project summary

The project aims to achieve 1,200 MT of ASC certified shrimp by applying more responsible production practices, intensifying the production and increasing SAO TA’s current 80 ponds to 100 ponds. Through the application of ASC shrimp standards it aims to intensify production and meet the demand of international buyers.

Impacts on the environment will be reduced by minimizing the mixture of (treated) discharge water with newly supplied water. Furthermore sustainable aquaculture feed will be used to reduce the use of fish meal and fish oil. Natural ecosystems and communities surrounding the farm will benefit through the improvement of the shrimp farming practices of SAO TA.

Contact details

Tuong Phi Lai, Deputy Director, ICAFIS