ASC shrimp for Minh Phu Seafood Corporation & Vinh Thuan Co.

Implementing partner: SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Other partners: Minh Phu Seafood Corporation., Vinh Thuan Co.
Country: Vietnam, Soc Trang province
Species: L. vannamei
Volume: 6,000 MT (large-scale farms)
Target: ASC
Project duration: 22 months (March 2014 – December 2015)

Project summary

This is the first project in Vietnam to support large-scale shrimp farmers to adopt ASC production. Minh Phu and Vinh Thuan are two of the largest producers of shrimp in Vietnam. They each produce 1,500 tons of shrimp per year and manage 500 ha of land. With the support of the FIT Fund each producer expects to deliver 3,000 tons of sustainable shrimp annually.

The farms have already achieved BAP certification but this project will take them further to farming a product that has international demand. Minh Phu and Vinh Thuan both recognize the value of certification in terms of environmental security and sustainability. Moreover the companies see ASC as an opportunity to expand their market share in Europe, to increase their profits and help diversify their market channels.

SNV supports Minh Phu and Vinh Thuan with technical support and access to information to obtain the in-house expertise to meet ASC certification requirements. The FIT Fund helps to meet the initial costs associated with developing knowledge and practices around certification. Once the added value of ASC has been proven Minh Phu and Vinh Thuan plan to expand and other private shrimp companies will be encouraged to adopt the practices as well.


“ASC standard certification is a key to access the market worldwide, especially the EU market with high requirements for sustainable products. Having committed to the p-SIA (Participatory-Social Impact Assessment) as ASC’s requirement, our shrimp farm avoids many troubles. As a leading shrimp processor, Minh Phu company recognizes the advantage of the ASC and MSC CoC link for traceability of products. Minh Phu plans to build a supply chain with other ASC shrimp farms and to comply to the MSC CoC soon”.  

Mr. Le Ngoc Anh, Temporary General Director of Minh Phu Seafood Supply Chain Co., Ltd. 

”ASC standard certification is very useful and important. It leads to increased productivity, improved internal management capacity, adaptation to market requirements and product safety so it is easy to consume the products. Especially, ASC standard certification minimizes adverse impacts on the environment, ecosystems, communities and ensures good labor regulations”.

Mr. Quach Hoang Phong, Director of Vinh Thuan Co, Ltd

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