Improving standards in Egypt’s farmed tilapia value chain

Implementing partner: WorldFish, Egypt
Other partner(s): EFPEA, FFFA, Intertek, QCAP, Skretting Egypt
Country: Egypt, Kafr El Sheikh, Behera and Fayoum
Species: Tilapia
Targeted volume: 10,000 MT (large-scale farms)
Target: Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Project duration: 24 months (August 2014 – July 2017)

Project summary

Egyptian aquaculture production has grown to around one million tonnes per year however management standards in many nodes of the value chain are well below where they should be, particularly when compared to international standards. Egyptian fish farmers, input suppliers, wholesalers and retailers must become more quality focussed and efficient if they are to maintain profitability and meet growing demand in domestic and international markets.

The project aims to upgrade production of around 100 fish farms (total number in the country is estimated at 6,000 with average production of 90 tonnes), representing production of around 10,000 tonnes. These are in the main fish farming governorate of Kafr El Sheikh and in Fayoum. Small-scale retailers will also benefit because the extended shelf-life means they can bring fresh tilapia to new markets further away from the main production areas and existing transport routes.

The main tasks for the IDH project in Egypt are to:

  • complete development of Egyptian aquaculture BMP standards (based on IEIDEAS project BMPs) for the entire supply chain;
  • establish the BMP certification system (identify and cooperate with an appropriate certification body);
  • carry out gap analysis to identify short-comings in current systems;
  • provide training and support for value chain operators (feed mills, hatcheries, fish farms, wholesalers and retailers); and,
  • raise awareness by providing advocacy for BMP certification and identifying markets for BMP certified products.

WorldFish a member of the CGIAR group of international agricultural research centers, has had a fisheries and aquaculture research program in Egypt since 1998 based at the Abbassa Research Center. Since then it has helped aquaculture to grow to become the main source of fish for Egyptian consumers.

EFPEA is an organization that includes members of Egyptian fish farmers, wholesalers, feed mills, processors and exporters.

Intertek is an inspection body that tests, inspects and certifies products; they help customers improve performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, overcome market constraints, and reduce risks.

Contact details:

Malcolm Dickson, Country Program Manager, Egypt