Supporting aquaculture producers in the Mekong Delta towards ASC

Implementing partner: WWF Vietnam
Country: Vietnam, An Giang, Dong Thap, Ben Tre, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Kien Giang and Ca Mau province
Species: pangasius, tilapia, L. vannamei, P. monodon
Targeted volume: 46,800 MT (pangasius), 10,000 MT (tilapia), 9,250 MT (Litopenaeus vannamei/Penaeus monodon)
Target: ASC
Project duration: 25 months (December 2014 – December 2016)

Project summary

Aquaculture and fisheries play an important role in Vietnam’s economy. However, aquaculture in Vietnam faces many challenges. Excessive use of chemicals, risk of disease transmission, escaped farmed fish, nutrient pollution, and overfishing for fish meal and fish oil are threatening the sustainability of the sector, combined with negative impacts on the natural ecosystems.

WWF Vietnam has developed an aquaculture strategy that focuses on reducing the impacts from aquaculture to maintain the ecological integrity of the Mekong Delta by addressing social, economic and environmental sustainability through WWF’s Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIP) and Market Transformation Initiative (MTI). WWF encourages large retailers and restaurant chains to adopt responsible seafood procurement policies that call for sourcing responsibly farmed seafood products. Through this approach, WWF Vietnam also engages with the government to design / revise regulatory policy that will support a responsible aquaculture industry.

WWF Vietnam has been promoting ASC certification for Pangasius since 2012 and more recently shrimp certification to meet sustainability criteria.  Expanding on this vast experience, this project will promote the ASC standards for 6 Pangasius farms (46,800 tons), 1 Tilapia farm (10,000 tons) and 10 Shrimp farms (9,250 tons) belonging to 12 private companies. This project aims to support the aquaculture producers in the Mekong Delta moving towards sustainable production through achieving ASC certification and contributing to reduce negative environmental and social impacts and demonstrate to producers, processors, local communities and government on how to move towards responsible aquaculture production.

Other partners cooperating in this project are: Hoang Long Seafood processing Company limited, An Giang Fisheries Import & Export Joint Stock Company (Agifish), Hung Vuong Mien Tay Corporation, Truong Giang Fishery Holdings Corporation, Mekong Seafood Corporation, Import export JSC Global Ocean Blue, Soc Trang Seafood Joint Stock Company (STAPIMEX), Fine Foods Company (FFC), NAMCAN Sea products import Export Joint Stock Company (SEANAMICO), CaMau Frozen Seafood Processing Import Export Corporation (CAMIMEX), NGOC TRI Seafood Joint Stock Company, Huy Long An Co., ltd.


“ASC certification is a passport that ensures Vietnamese Pangasius products to the fastidious markets, increases competitiveness and enhances profitability for the enterprise. Applying  ASC also creates sustainable aquaculture minimizing negative impacts on the environment and ensuring social benefits. Packaging products labeled with ASC helps consumers to identify safe products with environmentally and socially responsibity.”

 Mr Vo Van Phong, Deputy Director of Angiang Fisheries Import Export Join Stock Company (AGIFISH Co.)

“The ASC standard is established by participation of multi-stakeholders such as feed companies, producers, processors, retailers, NGO’s, scientists and other stakeholders. Applying the ASC standard promotes responsible aquaculture, minimizing negative impacts to the environment and society. WWF VN cooperates with IDH to implement the project on promoting ASC, not only to create improvements benefiting the environment and society but also to boost the private sector involved in the supply chain through public private partnership (PPP). This model will promote the aquaculture sector in Vietnam to be more sustainable.”

Huynh Quoc Tinh, Project manager, WWF Vietnam

“Applying the ASC standard brings a lot of benefits to Hoang Long company. Both Pangasius and Tilapia ASC certified products combined with CoC MSC/ASC creates trust among buyers towards responsible and sustainable products. Our products can access fastidious markets such as the EU, USA and Canada. ASC certification enhances trust and prestige of our company in the global market.”

Mr Pham Hoang Long, Director of Hoang Long Seafood Processing Company Limited

Contact details

Huynh Quoc Tinh, Project Manager, WWF Vietnam