ASC shrimp for Thong Thuan and Thong Thuan Cam Ranh

Project summary

The goal of the project is to make current shrimp farming practices of the Thong Thuan Seafood Company more sustainable. The three objectives of the project are: 1) to apply responsible practices through the application of ASC shrimp standards; 2) to minimize losses of disease by strengthening capacity in disease prevention and biosecurity and 3) integration into the global market by strengthening branding and marketing capacity.

The goals of this project are based on the fact that in recent years, Thong Thuan has experienced considerable losses due to disease outbreak and price volatility. While the demand from international buyers for ASC, Global G.A.P and BAP certified products has been increasing the Thong Thuan Seafood Company lacked the human resources to implement these standards.

In this project ICAFIS provides the technical support to strengthen the capacity of the company’s staff on disease prevention, certification and marketing. Thong Thuan Seafood Company possesses integrated vertical farms from hatchery to processing plant. By improving the branding of its products (e.g. with certified labels on their products), the company expects to increase its selling volume and to gain access to new markets.

Contact details:

Tuong Phi Lai, Deputy Director