The Stakeholders Committee consists of key sustainability/living wage initiatives and platforms, civil society organizations, trade unions, advocacy groups and others that IDH informs, consults and discusses with.

  • Alistair Smith

    International Coordinator & Director

    Banana Link

  • Victor Prada

    Secretary General

    The World Banana Forum (WBF), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

  • Griet Cattaert (old)

    Head of Labour Rights, UN Global Compact

  • Didier Bergeret

    Director of Sustainability

    Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI)

  • Ronald Sanabria

    Senior Program Manager, IDH

  • Luiza Reguse

    Senior Manager, Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI)

  • Patrick Belser

    Senior Economist


  • Kristin Komives

    Global Living Wage Coalition

  • Isabelle de Lijser

    Living Wage Expert and Regional Coordinator for Asia

    CNV Internationaal

  • Vivian Vaessen

    Policy Advisor IRBC

    Mondiaal FNV

  • Johanna Deckers

    Junior Specialist GIZ

    Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains (INA)

  • Nicola Nuecken

    Junior Advisor GIZ

    Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains (INA)

  • RenĂ© Kouwenhoven

    Trade Union Official International Affairs


The organizations represented in this group support IDH in specific pieces of the Roadmap on Living Wages but that does not imply a general endorsement of everything the organization or this initiative do.