Throughout the day we encourage honest, open debate and discussion. We focus on getting to the core of the issues and getting your questions answered.

In the various breakout sessions, we will concentrate on very specific issues to determine clear takeaways for your organisations.


Networking breakfast & registrations


Plenary: TEA – Where are we coming from; and where do we want to go next?

Ethical Tea Partnership, IDH 


Environment: Driving net-zero transformation  

Ethical Tea Partnership, FCDO Work and Opportunities for Women Programme Kenya Tea Development Agency Foundation, National Agricultural Export Development Board, Tata Consumer Products Limited.

Following COP26 in Glasgow, governments and companies have set themselves ambitious targets to reach Net Zero by 2050. Implementing plans to reach this target is no small ask.

We’ll hear from the Ethical Tea Partnership’s expert climate lead on how the tea sector can drive net-zero transformation. A multi-stakeholder panel will assess how players across the tea value chain can transition from strategy to practice, as together we discuss what this means for the future of tea.




Equality: What do guidance & frameworks to prevent Gender-based violence look like in practice for tea companies?

Camellia, Ethical Tea Partnership, Ethical Trading Initiative, IDH, Unilever.

Globally, women are more vulnerable than their male counterparts. Women in tea communities are particularly vulnerable, due to cultural norms in many tea-producing countries, poverty and gender-biased workplaces. Gender-based violence (GBV) remains evident in tea communities.

In this session, leaders who have made commitments and been implementing guidance and frameworks that aim to address GBV will share their stories and experiences. Our panel of experts will invite you to discuss:

·       How do you make sure that frameworks are contextualised?

·       What steps can you take in your business to reduce the risk of GBV in your supply chain?

·       Who are the key actors to engage with to reduce GBV, and what are their roles?

·       What outcomes would you expect to see on the ground as a result of effective framework implementation?

·       How do you measure impact?


Tea break


Economics: Rewarding the value in work, addressing inequalities & poverty alleviation

ACT on Living Wages, ekaterra, IDH, Taylors of Harrogate, Tesco, Tony’s Chocoloney

Inspirational talk by Paul Schoenmakers from Tony’s Chocolonely, followed by a debate.



Closing remarks: TEA – What now? 

Ethical Tea Partnership, IDH, Oxfam GB

17:00 – 19:00

Drinks reception