Gathers key organizations that provide technical advice on the way the Roadmap on Living Wages and its tools are developed.

  • Anne van Lakerveld

    Living Wage Coordinator

    Fair Wear Foundation

  • Anny Stoikova

    Global Lead, Living Wage

    Rainforest Alliance

  • Christopher Lamoureux

    Manager of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement

    Social Accountability International (SAI)

  • Karen Bouwsma

    Policy Officer

    Max Havelaar Foundation

  • Magali Martowicz

    Head of responsible sourcing


  • Sonia Mangat

    Product manager - Responsible sourcing


  • Marjan de Bock-Smit

    Strategic Advisor

  • Norma Wouters-Snell

    Network representative


  • Wilbert Flinterman

    Senior Advisor, Workers’ Rights and Trade Union Relations

    Fair Trade International

  • Kamini Visvananthan

    Human Rights & Social Standards Manager

    RSPO- Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

  • Ronald Sanabria

    Sr Program Manager


  • Carla Romeu Dalmau

    Living wage and living income strategy lead

  • Honore Johnson

    Program Officer, Living wage and living income

  • Jessica Grillo

    Technical Advisor

The organizations represented in this group support IDH in specific pieces of the Roadmap on Living Wages but that does not imply a general endorsement of everything the organization or this initiative do.