Through its Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA), IDH focuses on enabling green growth to find a balance between forest, agriculture and people in the wider Taï forest area in Côte d’Ivoire.  It will do so by building a multi-stakeholder coalition that will jointly design and put forward a scalable, sustainable land management model that balances commodity production and environmental protection through an integrated landscape approach.

ISLA Côte d’Ivoire focuses on the following key issues:

  1. Forest cover restoration.
  2. Land-use planning.
  3. Sustainable livelihoods.
  4. Developing financial incentives.
  5. Creating a public-private investment facility for the green development of the landscape.

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Private and public partners can apply for co-funding from ISLA. A total of EUR 2,000,000 is available to match at least the same amount of partners’ investments in activities related to these themes and taking place in the wider Taï area.

Program & Activities

  • Prototyping approaches that bring together agricultural production and forest protection.
  • Facilitating public-private collaboration and dialogue on production-protection agreements.
  • Coordinating regional planning approaches and monitoring.
  • Creating  a common understanding of (cocoa) agroforestry.
  • Harmonizing sensitization tools and messages on forest conservation.
  • Encouraging diversification of farmers’ economic activities.
  • Mobilizing public and private investment for up-scaling.

 Activities in 2016

  • By mid-2016, the first partners will start implementing their activities on agricultural intensification and agro-forestry as well as on community forest conservation, for which ISLA co-funding has been made available.
  • Create the momentum for coalition building at local level between public and private partners.
  • Engage the palm oil, rubber and timber industries to complement the cocoa sector’s efforts and launch a call for proposals in the second half of 2016.
  • In October 2016, ISLA will organise a Cocoa Agroforestry Forum. The objective of this forum is to propose practical solutions to implementation challenges related to cocoa agro-forestry in Cote d’Ivoire that can be used for direct implementation.

Renske Aarnoudse

Country Coordinator, Cote d' Ivoire

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Sanne Heijnen

Program Officer, ISLA

phone+31 (0) 30 230 5694

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N’golo Fanny

Senior Stakeholder Manager, Taï Forest Landscape in Côte d’Ivoire

Jordy van Honk

Program Director Landscapes Africa, Tea

phone+31 (0) 6 1481 1328

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