Stakeholders in the Cavally region resolved to preserve the environment and the population’s well-being

The Cavally region is committed to preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable development through a landscape platform. This initiative draws on the adoption, by the region, of some strategic documents such as a Regional Land Use and Development Plan (SRADT) and a Green Growth plan.

The region’s main stakeholders signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2021 that outlines actions to increase forest cover, boost agricultural productivity and provide access to sustainable financial resources in the Cavally region. This document commits to protecting the environment and the people of the region.

The Regional Steering Committee’s extraordinary meeting on March 16, 2023, approved the action plans of the five Thematic Groups (TG) and a road map for actions to be taken in the near future has been provided by the priority activities listed in these action plans.

Therefore, the technical unit of the landscape platform met in Guiglo on June 21, 2023. As part of ongoing work, the meeting presented the monitoring and evaluation plan for the platform, while refining the work of the Thematic Groups. In addition, the discussion focused on validating the framework for monitoring and evaluating the platform’s indicators, determining the data collection modalities to prepare for midterm evaluation of the objectives, and developing methods and approaches to address the priority topics identified by the Thematic Groups.

As Cavally moves toward sustainable development, this technical unit meeting is crucial. By emphasizing a rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan, the Cavally landscape platform positions itself as a model for integrating natural resources and managing them sustainably. Collaboration and commitment from all platform members are essential to the success of this initiative and the prosperity of the Cavally region.