Beyond Chocolate organizes several learning events a year during which partners present best practices and learnings related to challenges in the cocoa supply chain.

November 16th, 2021: Learning Event on Living Income (Save the Date)

  • 2pm-4pm CET, Online
  • For all interested stakeholders
  • During this learning event, we will focus on the living income approaches of the Beyond Chocolate co-financed projects. Lessons & best practices will be shared by project partners.

September 30th, 2021: Beyond Chocolate General Assembly

During its General Assembly on September 30th, Beyond Chocolate presented the results of the 2020 reporting by partners. This happened simultaneous to the publication of the 2020 Annual Report. Achievements were celebrated and priorities for the following years were set. Via short presentations by project partners, participants were introduced to several of the Beyond Chocolate co-financed projects and the sustainable products these projects bring to the Belgian market. Furthermore, the increased collaboration with the other National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa (ISCOs) was celebrated and five new partners were welcomed.

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June 24th, 2021: ISCO Learning Event on Traceability in the cocoa supply chain

On June 24th, The National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa in Europe (ISCO’s) organized an online learning event on traceability in the cocoa sector. During the event, we discussed the current and upcoming national and privately owned traceability systems and how these could interoperate. A special emphasis was put on the value these systems create for farmers. The event featured high-level speakers from the European Commission, COCOBOD, the Conseil Café Cacao, Fairtrade International, ECAKOOG Cooperative, Barry Callebaut and Tropenbos International.

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December 10th, 2020: Beyond Chocolate Two-Year Event

In December 2020, Beyond Chocolate celebrated its two-year anniversary with an online event. Next to a presentation on the development of the program and the priorities set for the following years, a panel was organized on sustainability in times of crisis. Fairtrade Belgium director Nicolas Lambert, Leonidas CEO Philippe de Selliers and Rikolto Cocoa Coordinator Abdulahi Aliyu entered into a debate on how the crisis has influenced the chocolate sector (both producers and companies), how this changes the way the industry and consumers look at sustainability and what Beyond Chocolate can do to increase the resilience of cocoa farmers.

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November 9th, 2020: ISCO Learning Event on Human Rights Due Diligence

Human Rights Due Diligence is among today’s most important sustainability challenges for companies in the cocoa and chocolate supply chain. In this first jointly organized learning event, the National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa in Europe (ISCO’s) aimed to build a common understanding of the role and responsibilities of different actors along the supply chain, make different opinions transparent and identify practical tools for collaboration. After an introduction by EU commissioner Didier Reynders on the upcoming HRDD legislation and EU Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue for Sustainable Cocoa, the word was given to several high-level stakeholders to discuss which role they can play for the implementation of HRDD.

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September 22nd, 2020: Learning Event on Cocoa Traceability

During the discussions that were held in the ending deforestation working group, traceability appeared to be a pre-condition to identifying potential deforestation hotspots in cocoa value chains and taking action to address deforestation. The September 23rd learning event on cocoa traceability was organized to shed light on what is meant by “traceability”, what it can help achieve, as well as its limitations and challenges. The event brought together companies, government institutions and knowledge partners for a presentation on the latest state of traceability practices to then move to a discussion on how to break silos between the work carried out by these stakeholders. Based on this learning event, IDH developed a podcast on
cocoa traceability. Listen to it here.

June 30th, 2020: Learning Event on Living Income

On June 30th, Beyond Chocolate organized a first learning event on Living Income, led by IDH living income expert Gael Lescornec. After giving participants a snapshot of where Beyond Chocolate is in terms of enabling living incomes, this learning event delved into the living income strategies explored by the Beyond Chocolate co-financed projects. The event ended with a presentation of the key enablers that drive smart mix solutions to reach a living income among cocoa farming households.