Beyond Chocolate partners report on their progress on a yearly basis. This reporting is crucial, as it helps to track progress towards the partnership's joint objectives, as well as raise transparency and accountability in the sector.

Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation (AME) Framework

To make sure there is a certain level of alignment in the reporting, an Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation (AME) Framework was set up. The AME Framework enables partners to report on the progress made vis-à-vis the overall and individual commitments and additional ambitions of the  partnership. Beyond Chocolate partners used this framework to report on their progress for a first time in 2020.

Since then, Beyond Chocolate has harmonized its monitoring framework with that of the other National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa in Europe (ISCOs). This harmonization reduces the reporting burden for international companies and gives a better view of the general progress in Europe. During the last monitoring round in May 2022, members of Beyond Chocolate, GISCO and DISCO reported simultaneously in a joint online reporting tool. FRISCO and SWISSCO are closely involved in the harmonization process and might joint the online reporting tool in a next monitoring round. The improvement of both the framework as well as the tool will be a continuous effort of the ISCO secretariats and of the ISCO monitoring working group.

2021 Annual Report

In October 2022, Beyond Chocolate published its 2021 Annual Report. The 2021 data show that Beyond Chocolate signatories are taking valuable steps towards a more sustainable chocolate sector. 65% of chocolate produced in Belgium is now certified and/or covered by a corporate sustainability scheme. Moreover, there is a positive evolution towards origin transparency. Lastly, increasingly more partners are sharing household income data which leads to relevant new learnings.

Read the report here

The Monitoring Working Group

Beyond Chocolate partners are actively involved in the development and implementation of the AME Framework. In March 2020, a specialized AME working group was formed which provides strategic guidance on the way in which the partners of Beyond Chocolate should be kept accountable, monitored and evaluated. In 2021, the AME working group was incorporated in the joint Monitoring Group of the National Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa in Europe (ISCOs).