IDH’s Farmfit Digital Transformation Team identifies and prioritizes digital opportunities (tech use cases) that fit your business and with best ROI. We match make with providers. In addition, we suggest improvement areas to become digitally matured and match-make with relevant tech-providers.

What you'll get

  • Identify digital gaps

    Identifying and prioritizing the tech uses cases that are best-fit for your business

  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

    An affordable, simplified process, supported by our experienced team

  • Expert network

    We match-make through a database of tech providers and agri-specialists in your region

  • Intuitive, web-based platform

    Web-based platform powered by a dynamic global database of 300+ tech providers

Digital Solutions Identification Tool

Digital Solutions Tool

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Farmfit Digital Transformation Analysis & Advice is part of IDH's Technology & Value Chains work.