IDH Farmfit farmer segmentation tool


IDH Farmfit has a free tool to increase the effectiveness and profitability of both agricultural and financial services provided to smallholder farmers. The IDH Farmfit Segmentation Tool leverages the information you already have about individual farmers to predict their need for and likely uptake of a wide variety of services, from automated irrigation to child education loans.

Knowing the farmers you work with means understanding your customers’ needs and a greater likelihood of your services being adopted to provide sustained, long-term business. Governments and NGOs can also benefit from segmenting farmers, fine-tuning their investments in sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

What you'll get

  • An automated tool

    Automated (farmer) segmentation through an easy to use tool

  • Feasible data requirements

    Minimum data collection required to segment customers

  • Advice on services

    Suggests relevant services per customer segment

  • Visualizing progress

    Data analysis generating easy to understand and visual aggregated results

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Customer Segmentation is part of IDH's Technology & Value Chains work.