About the Environmental Footprint Roadmap

Global food production currently contributes over a quarter of all climate change-causing emissions, putting enormous pressure on our planet.

Changing the way we get our food from field to plate depends on collective action: companies must be aware of what their footprint is and identify strategies to reduce it. But it is vital that systems change is implemented across the entire supply chain – from traders and retailers changing their business practices to ensuring farmers have the right tools to create a better environment.

IDH has developed an Environmental Footprint Roadmap to help steer the agri commodities sector towards reducing the environmental footprint of specific products. The roadmap outlines five key steps through which companies can progress to measure their footprint, address environmental challenges, promote sustainability, and protect natural resources.

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To optimise and scale up our sustainability effort, the Environmental Footprint Roadmap is aligned and shared across various sector initiatives hosted or supported by IDH, including:

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