Step 1: What is the challenge?

Foundation-setting, prioritization & ambitions 

IDH believes that the entire supply chain should actively support the necessary changes, rather than placing the entire responsibility on the producer alone, to keep us within the planet’s safe environmental boundaries. Incentives need to be created for farmers to transition into a model with lower environmental impact. 

In order to tackle the hotspot where most of the environmental impacts occur, IDH supports companies to first understand where in the supply chain they take place, as this can differ incredibly per country, per product, and per production system. 

IDH collaborates with key players in the supply chain to undertake the below steps- 

  • Understand issues and map main environmental risks.   
  • Align on how to measure (metrics) and develop tools and language.  
  • Set ambition targets  
  • Include the entire supply chain in the scope to be credible 
  • Create incentives for good performers