An action-oriented commitment to 100% sustainable juices, purees and concentrates by 2030

The Sustainable Juice Covenant is a global initiative to make the sourcing, production and trade of fruit- and vegetable-derived juices, purees and their concentrates 100% sustainable by 2030.

Coordinated by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, and committed to by leading beverage companies, the covenant is a moral, not a legal, obligation. Enabling private sector companies to make proactive, non-competitive improvements across the juice industry supply chain – from raw materials to consumer-based products such as drinks, nectars, juices and smoothies.

With the support of AIJN, the European Fruit Juice Association, the companies will work together to address specific sustainability issues such as smallholder inclusion, working conditions, soil erosion and degradation, and climate resilience.

Quenching a growing thirst for healthier drinks

Today, healthy diets are more than just a health fad. The last few years have seen a sustained increase in the amount of fruit- and vegetable-based juices we’re consuming.

Globally, fruit juice and nectar consumption is at 38,5 billion litres – and 9,6 billion litres in the EU, the biggest consumption region. As the market grows, we recognize that sustainability is the way forward for the juice industry – and that we can and should play an important role in making our supply chains as healthful as our drinking habits.

With this covenant, we aim to make a positive contribution towards the sustainable production, processing and trade of fruit- and vegetable-derived juices, purees and their concentrates in relation to economic, environmental and social aspects. Increasing sustainability in the supply chain by scaling up existing initiatives, and developing and implementing new ones. Helping to develop markets for sustainable products, ensuring food safety and contributing to key Sustainable Development Goals.

Working together to improve sustainability

To reach 100% sustainability, the covenant empowers partners to:

  • Jointly set targets
  • Certify and verify supply chains and processes
  • Implement third-party monitoring based on common sustainability definitions (annual)
  • Issue mitigating projects (optional)

In addition, to determine specific sustainability issues in the juice sector, we have developed, together with the WWF, a supply-risk analysis at country level. This gives covenant partners insight into sustainability issues for selected product-market combinations.

We have mapped out a timeline of steps to achieve an increase in volume of sustainable product by 2030:

Our partners also seek to inspire more liked-minded companies to join the covenant and work together towards a more sustainable supply chain. 

Playing your part in the initiative

The Sustainable Juice Covenant is open to all players in the supply chain. Döhler, FrieslandCampina Riedel, Frutco AG, Rainforest Alliance, Refresco, Verbruggen Juice Trading Sustainable Products b.v., and V&K Pineapple Canning have already pledged their commitment, and so can you.

Joining is as simple as signing up and:

  • Committing to aim for 100% Sustainable Juice by 2030
  • Reporting progress annually to IDH
  • Promoting the Juice Covenant in your supply chain
  • Sharing knowledge on sustainability with IDH and Covenant Members

In return, you’ll benefit from

  • A proven framework to translate your sustainability ambitions into action
  • Support and strategic guidance by IDH
  • Independent monitoring of your progress (co-funded by IDH)
  • Access to risk database for processed Fruit & Veg
  • Opportunity to apply for IDH project co-funding

Ready to commit to 100% Sustainable Juice? Join us.


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