Introducing the IDH and Rainforest Alliance Matrix for Living Wage

In 2016, IDH, Rainforest Alliance and private sector partners began a project in Costa Rica and Belize to understand opportunities, challenges and possible pathways towards the payment of living wages. Combing the findings of the living wage benchmark studies with additional data from some pilot projects, IDH and Rainforest Alliance have developed a self-assessment Salary Matrix to address the wage gaps at farm level — and are working to publish a sector-agnostic assessment tool.

We have published the Salary Matrix and the corresponding guide in English and Spanish. Please click the button below for your preferred language.


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IDH & Living Wage

IDH facilitates the implementation of living wages in several sectors and countries. We are increasingly building intelligence on how each stakeholder can make informed decisions towards closing the living wage gap in supply chains. In addition, we are helping companies realize concrete steps to most effectively move towards this goal.


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