Salary Matrix for a Living Wage

Calculate the wage gaps at field level with the Salary Matrix. This Matrix allows suppliers to assess how the wages (plus the in-kind benefits) they provide to their workers compare to the living wage benchmark.

The Salary Matrix is a practical tool for identifying the living wage gap at farm level and allows plantations to effectively assess workers’ wages against the applicable living wage benchmark.

The Matrix underlines the clear need of having practical tools that companies and standards can use to bring transparency in their supply chains regarding wages. To support this development, IDH is now improving and refining the tool and its methodology with the aim to formalize the baseline for living wages calculations so  it can be utilized in other sectors and regions.

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The tool was originally developed by IDH and Rainforest Alliance as part of the project ‘Next Steps in Sustainability: Measuring Impact and Assessing Living Wages’ in Costa Rica and Belize. In this project, seven pilot farms volunteered to better understand how their salaries, bonuses, and benefits are calculated, and how this total remuneration compares with the living wage recommended for each country, thus preparing themselves to address possible gaps.

In August 2019, IDH held a public consultation process to further refine the tool. The valuable feedback received from private sector partners, certification bodies and others lays the foundation to further refine the tool and help all supply chain actors take effective action towards living wage.

Currently, the Salary Matrix is being tested in sectors such as Tea, Bananas, and Flowers and further refinement continues.

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