Exploring Synergy: Joint Evaluation Session in Rwanda

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On October 10, 2023, IDH Rwanda and its IPs convened to evaluate the progress of our ongoing efforts. With GIZ, the funding agency, also present, the primary aim of the meeting was to assess how well the SMEs aligned with their individual targets and contributed to the overarching project objectives.

The meeting was well attended, with 21 dedicated individuals actively participating in discussions. A notable highlight of the meeting was the shared dedication to our collective journey. SMEs representatives demonstrated a strong commitment to realizing their goals while upholding the essential financial reporting requirements.

The meeting covered a diverse range of topics, including financial reporting, Capacity building, technical assistance, and the achievement of KPIs after six months of execution. These discussions helped us recognize their achievements and identify areas where further progress is needed, aligning our collective efforts with the project’s specific objectives.

The commitment and resilience displayed during our session affirmed that we are on the right path, even when confronted with challenges such as the prolonged drought and the off-season during the past season.

In summary, the meeting was more than just an evaluation; it emphasized the collective responsibility and firm determination to achieve the projects’ objectives. Together, we can leverage our expertise and resources to drive innovation and implement effective solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved. We value our partnerships and strive to foster long-lasting relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and shared values.


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