Invest Aqua

Invest Aqua is an international gathering of aquaculture industry stakeholders that recognize the industry’s potential for sustainable development through innovation.

The event brought together organizations and individuals committed to developing, de-risking and scaling that innovation for the industry.

In 2019 the event focussed on advancing the development and dialogue around innovations in technology, scalable sustainability assurance programs such as the Partnership Assurance Model, and the establishment of low-cost sustainable tilapia production.


Why invest in aquaculture?

Aquaculture is one of the world’s fastest growing food production system. It can produce some of the world’s most efficiently-cultured, environmentally-friendly and healthy animal protein available, if performed in a sustainable way.

Our bigger aim is to catalyze investment for sustainable protein production and food security, while creating lucrative investment opportunities for impact and commercially-minded investors.

Presentations Invest Aqua 2019

Please find the presentations of Invest Aqua 2019 here


  • Jennifer Bushman


    Route to Market LLC

  • Kevin Fitzsimmons

    Professor and Director of International Programs

    University of Arizona

  • Wendy Norden

    Seafood Watch Science Director

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • Peter Hajipieris

    Global Responsibility, Sustainability and External Affairs

    Regal Springs

  • Joost Matthijssen

    Investment Director Nutreco NuFrontiers


  • Rob Kiers

    Managing Director Skretting Asia and Nutreco Africa


  • Gibran El Farizy



  • Willem Klaassens

    Director Markets and SourceUp

    IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative

  • Joost Oorthuizen

    Former CEO of IDH (2008-2020)

  • Daniel Skaven Ruben


    The Rockefeller Foundation Food Team

  • Elizabeth Pederson

    General Counsel and Director of Operations


  • Amy Novogratz

    Co-founder and Managing Partner


  • Profile card image

  • Ralf Onken

    Head of Software Development

    FAI Farms

  • Rajamanohar Somasundaram

    Co-Founder and CEO


  • François Robitaille

    Co-Founder and Head of Finance


  • Mariska Bottema

    Environmental Governance Researcher

    Wageningen University and Research

  • Althaf Khan

    Director of Global Sourcing, member Board of Directors

    The Fishin' Company

  • Esther Luiten

    Commercial Director

    Aquaculture Stewardship Council

  • Ezhil Subbian


    String Bio

  • Herman Wisse

    Program Director

    Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

  • Jacqueline Claudia

    CEO and Co-Founder


  • Roxanne Nanninga

    Director of Sustainability

    Thai Union North America

  • Damien Legros

    Managing Director

    Chicoa Fish Farms


Alune Aqua

Albert Heijn



Aquaculture Stewardship Council


Bali Mariculture



Bon Appetite Management Co.


Conservation International


Fair Trade USA

Fair Capital Partners




IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative




Longline Environment

Love the Wild




Monterey Bay Aquarium

Msingi / Gatsby

New Foresight


Pareto Securities AS

PT Atina & ASIC


Resonance Global


Seafood Watch


Shape LLC


Stavis Seafood

String Bio Private Limited

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal

Sealand Aquaculture


String Bio Private Limited

Wageningen University and Research Centre

Walton Family Foundation

More information

Please get in contact with Anna or Lisa

About IDH

IDH brings together businesses, companies, governments and NGOs to combine their interests and power in sustainable production and trade of tropical commodities. We convene, (co-)finance and manage large programs to accelerate transitions toward sustainability. Headquartered in the Netherlands and funded by different governments and foundations, IDH delivers scalable, economically viable impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. IDH operates globally in 12 different industry sectors ranging from coffee and tea to cotton and soy and encourages joint investment in innovative models to realize long-term solutions for environmentally and socially sustainable production.

Since 2010, IDH is orchestrating change towards responsible aquaculture. We co-founded the ASC together with WWF and accelerated ASC certification. We upgraded 630.000 MT, an equivalent of 250 Olympic swimming pools, of tilapia, shrimp and pangasius production towards sustainability.

About Aqua-Spark

Launched in 2011, Aqua-Spark is a global investment fund with a mission to transform the global aquaculture industry into one that is healthier, more sustainable, and more accessible. They invest in aquaculture companies across the value chain — spanning farming operations, alternative feed ingredients, disease-battling technology, and consumer-facing aquaculture products. These companies are solving some of the industry’s big challenges while bringing returns that are comparable to today’s traditional industry. The portfolio works as an ecosystem, with the companies agreeing to collaborate on optimal solutions, and working together toward this shared vision of a more efficient global aquaculture industry.

Since 2015, the fund has invested in 17 complementary SMEs. Thus far, Aqua-Spark has EUR 95.6 million in assets under management, dedicated to investments in elements of the aquaculture industry that will make fish farming sustainable. The goal of the fund is to ultimately make sustainability widespread and profitable enough that it becomes the only way to farm fish.