A Letter of Intent for the implementation of the Green Commodity Landscape Programme signed in Ntui in Cameroon

The consultation process started in 2022, with the creation of a multi stakeholder coalition that brings together local and national key actors with interest in the municipality of Ntui. Under the facilitation of IDH, signatories have identified key challenges and agreed to sign this Letter of Intent to develop together in the next upcoming months the Production-Protection-Inclusion (PPI) targets of the Municipality of Ntui, in the Center region of Cameroon.

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Stakeholders gathered for the signing of teh Letter of Intent in Ntui (Cameroon)

Ntui, Cameroon, 14th June 2023 – The Municipality of Ntui, IDH, the public and private sector, farmers organizations, the civil societies and research institutions have signed a Letter of Intent to shape a common vision for the Municipality

“The signing of this Letter of Intent makes our collaboration with IDH and other key actors official. This collaboration will help us protect our forest, develop sustainable economic activities that generate income for our communities. Increased production while remaining on the same land is a big challenge, we want to improve cocoa yield, promote cocoa agroforestry systems, and enhance the production of food crops and post-harvest practices as well as the quality of our cocoa,” said Georges Marcel Mandoh, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Ntui.

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Signing the Letter of Intent in Ntui (Cameroon)

Signatories have taken the commitment to develop the Production-Protection-Inclusion (PPI) Compact of Ntui Municipalities in the next months.

According to Christian Enouga, IDH Cameroon’s Country Manager:

Our role consists of facilitating the discussions with actors active in the landscape and to attract more investment in the landscpes. In 2022, IDH has co-designed and co-funded a 750K Euros with Cargill-Telcar and their implementing partner ICRAF, a project in the Municipality of Ntui and the vicinity of Mbangassina Municipality. This project is a response from the first cocoa exporter in Cameroon to implement the commitment taken through the Roadmap to Deforestation Free Cocoa in Cameroon, and to comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation.


The IDH-Cargill Telcar project is called “Ascokyb Forest Forward” which is also the name of the Community Forest located in the buffer zone of Cargill sourcing area. With the support of ICRAF, the “Union des GIC d’Ossombé”, which has nearly 50 women was created to valorise Non Timber Forest Products mainly Djansang, protect and restore 4400 ha of forests.

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Signing the Letter of Intent in Ntui (Cameroon)

“Before, we didn’t know the value of the products we had in our forests.  Through IDH and Cargill-Telcar, we are learning how to value non-timber forest products. We have also learned how to work together. For the first time, we organized a collective harvest and sale. We managed to sell the kilogram of Djansan at 2200 Fcfa whereas before, this price did not exceed 1500 Fcfa,” explains Marguérite Ntsama, the president of the “Union des GIC d’Ossombé”, who added that women now see the value of trees that have not been planted by humans that create income generating activities for women.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Roland Besong, Cargill-Telcar’s Sustainability Director, said:

Together with IDH we have decided to join forces to see how we could protect the environment, protect biodiversity,  and eventually ensure that the beans that are being produced in this forest zone have access to the international market and don’t contribute to deforestation and forest degradation.


Joseph Amougou, General Director of the National Climate Change Observatory, also present at the ceremony, added,

Agriculture today must take climate changes into account. It is a great opportunity for this locality, that IDH and its partners, introduce our farmers to climate smart agriculture. It is possible to produce more, increase your income, and avoid extension.  We will intensify our role by providing a dedicated weather forecast bulletin despite our limited resources. We also encourage communities to take ownership of IDH’s initiatives.


The Letter of Intent for the Municipality of Ntui was signed as part of the implementation of the Green Commodity Landscape Program (GCLP), a program implemented by IDH.

The GCLP brings together various stakeholders at the local and national level to co-develop and jointly implement action plans that will contribute to forest protection, sustainable production and improved livelihoods for farmers and communities.

Key Signatories of the Letter of Intent

  • Sub-Prefect of Ntui
  • Mayor of Ntui
  • Country Manager IDH
  • Telcar Cocoa/ Cargill
  • The National Observatory on Climate Change
  • Representative Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Representative Ministry of Trade
  • Representative Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development
  • Representative Ministry of Forests and Wildlife
  • Representative Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development
  • Representative Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts
  • Representative Ministry of Social Affairs
  • PAD Cacao
  • Representative of youth
  • Representative of women
  • Representative of breeders
  • Representative AMS
  • Representative Barry Callebaut
  • President TJC
  • Representative CEPI
  • Representative MUFID
  •  Representative IITA
  • National Coffee and Cocoa Board
  • ONCC
  • The Interprofessional Council of Cocoa and Coffee
  • La Régionale
  • Proforest
  • Deputy of Mbam and Kim