• When?

    September 30th, 11am-1pm

  • Where?

    Zoom meetings (register below)

  • For whom?

    Beyond Chocolate partners & other interested stakeholders

  • Language?


In December 2018, the Beyond Chocolate Partnership was launched and the Belgian chocolate sector embarked on a journey towards more sustainability. Over the past two years, partners in the initiative have increased investments in sustainable cocoa value chains, launched innovative sustainability projects and worked on a monitoring framework that helps them track progress and keep each other accountable.

Find out where the Belgian chocolate sector stands today!

During its General Assembly on September 30th, Beyond Chocolate will present how far the Belgian chocolate sector has come today. On the basis of the Beyond Chocolate 2020 reporting data, achievements will be celebrated and priorities for the following years will be identified. Moreover, participants will get to know the Beyond Chocolate co-financed sustainability projects better through short ‘chocolate intermezzo’s’.

The event is open to all partners of the Beyond Chocolate initiative, as well as other interested stakeholders.


Please note this is a preliminary agenda.

Time Item Speaker
11am-11.15am Introduction Chairmain Philippe de Selliers
11.15am-11.20am Chocolate intermezzo tbd
11.20am – 12pm Presentation of 2020 reporting results Program Manager Charles Snoeck
12pm-12.10pm Break
12.10pm-12.15pm Chocolate Intermezzo tbd
12.15pm – 12.25pm Next steps in ISCO alignment and collaboration ISCOs
12.25pm-12.30pm Chocolate Intermezzo tbd
12.30pm.-12.55 Welcoming new partners Philippe de Selliers
12.55pm-1pm Conclusion tbd


For more info, please contact Marloes Humbeeck via humbeeck@idhtrade.org