CAT Sorriso holds meeting to celebrate results with producers and partners

CAT brought together producers and partners in an evening for celebration, on 2 December, in Sorriso, and during the event, CAT also delivered certificates to the producers that are part of the RTRS Standard Certification Project.

The meeting is part of CAT’s event calendar and includes several projects carried out to foster the production of RTRS responsible soy in the region, through good agricultural and cattle raising practices, socioeconomic and environmental assessment of settlements, and fostering technical assistance for family farming.

“Our intention is to highlight the importance of responsible soybean production on a medium and large scale, under the RTRS guideline, by promoting the restoration of degraded areas, by ensuring compliance with the global production standard and ensuring that soybeans are produced and traded in a way that is environmentally fair and economically viable,” commented Dudy Paiva, vice-president of CAT Sorriso.

The appreciation of sustainable soybean production gained strength in 2020 with the launch of the Cultivating Sustainable Life Project, implemented by CAT, in partnership with IDH. The initiative has enabled the expansion of RTRS soybean certification in the region, which already totals approximately 180 thousand hectares certified or in the process of certification. Moreover, activities were carried out for the restoration of degraded areas, as well as workshops and field days with technical assistance for small family farmers, and support for local associations and cooperatives.

The Project also delivers results for the PCI Regional Compact and the PCI Strategy, which have received investments from IDH. “We strive to connect several actors by supporting the construction of strategies for sustainable landscape development with large-scale commodity production, inclusion of family farming, and conservation of natural resources,” pointed out Alex Schmidt, public policy implementation manager at IDH.