Danes dialogue with leaders and small farmers in the region of Balsas-MA about challenges and opportunities

Representatives of DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency), Mads Mayerhofer (senior adviser) and Lena Veierskov (chief adviser), made a field visit to the region of Balsas, in the state of Maranhão to learn about various initiatives and talk to strategic partners.

DANIDA is one of the funders of IDH and is supporting the governance implementation of the Governance and Technical Assistance Centres of the PCI Compact of the Balsas Region (CAPs), one of the eight initiatives that fall under the agency’s 2022-2025 funding.

IDH’s project supervisor, Aline Silva, who coordinates the PCI (Produce, Conserve and Include) Compact in the Balsas Region, and representatives from AGERP (Maranhão State Agency for Technical Assistance and Research on Family Farming) and Sebrae (Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises), presented the opportunities and challenges involving the landscape development strategy and the PCI Compact in the region.

“Visits like this one are important for us to connect investors with the landscape and show them the reality in the field. Through this experience in the field and with local players, it is possible to have a real dimension of the challenges, especially in terms of logistics and infrastructure, which further enhances the efforts of the players and partners involved in the supported activities”, adds Aline.

The conversation focused on the goals of the “Include” Pillar, which gives priority to small farmers, indigenous peoples and local communities for the fulfilment of the environmental legislation, good animal husbandry practices and inclusion of women. One of the main challenges facing local small-scale farmers (represented in the PCI Compact by producer/smallholder organizations) is dealing with issues related to compliance with the Brazilian Forest Code and land rules and regulations.

In addition to DANIDA, representatives of the Danish Embassy, Solidaridad and WWF also took part in the visit.