Delegations from Norway and the European Union visit Mato Grosso to learn about the long-term sustainable development agenda

Delegations from Norway and the European Union were in Mato Grosso in late August to learn about the reality of agriculture and cattle ranching and experience how the territorial strategy implemented by IDH has been supporting sustainable development in the regions of  Juruena Valley and Sorriso, municipalities covered by PCI Regional Compacts and field programs co-financed by the private sector.

“For us it is extremely important to show the results achieved in recent years through this innovative approach, which has enabled special arrangements for socioeconomic inclusion and land use,” said Daniela Mariuzzo, IDH Brazil Executive Director.

Delegation in front of the Producer Service Center, in Juruena,Mato Grosso, Brazil

In Juruena, both delegations visited farms that are part of the Sustainable Production of Calves Program to further enhance their understanding of the impacts that the technical assistance provided to small producers can generate.

In the region the group also visited the Vale do Amanhecer settlement where IDH is supporting the process of land regularization. Important initiatives such as Coopavam, a Brazil nut cooperative that currently sells to Europe, and other small producers of milk and cattle among other productive chains of family farming are also underway there. At the headquarters of the municipality, the group visited the Producer Service Center – CAP (the acronym in Portuguese), established in partnership with the municipal administration to provide technical advice aimed at fostering environmental regularization, in addition to presenting opportunities to local producers.




In Cuiabá, the delegations had a meeting with the deputy governor of Mato Grosso, Otaviano Pivetta, during which they discussed opportunities for cooperation and investments in the sustainable development agenda, especially on the topics of production chains, transparency and deforestation control.

To learn about the actions of the state government in the environmental agenda, they visited Sema-MT’s Monitoring Center, where they could see, in practice, the work carried out as part of the environmental regularization agenda – CAR – and in the combat and control of illegal deforestation.

“We were very impressed with everything we saw. This will enable us to talk much more securely about these issues and help to disseminate the actions developed in Mato Grosso internationally”, said Mads Lie, Special Envoy for Climate and Forests of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia.

Sorriso PCI Regional Compact

In Sorriso, the European Union Delegation learned about the dynamics of a large-scale sustainable grain production farm in integration with livestock. The agenda also included a visit to the Jonas Pinheiro settlement, where the Guarantee Fund created to support small farmers is improving the living conditions of several families The group also spoke with CAT Sorriso and the mayor to prospect for future investment opportunities.

“There are undoubtedly many challenges to be faced, but we saw that the existing alliances can strengthen the investments made, thereby reducing risks and increasing the positive impacts, especially in the agendas of sustainable production and recovery of degraded areas,” said Stefan Agne, Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union in Brazil.

The visit to Mato Grosso included: Eirik Sorlie, Senior Advisor, Deforestation-free Supply Chains and Finance · Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment; Hilde Dahl, Head of Section for Forests. Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation; Maria Melby, Adviser at Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation; Mads Lie, Special Envoy for Climate and Forestry of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia; Clarissa Vargas, Assistant to the Climate and Forest Programme of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia; Stefan Agne, Head of the EU Cooperation Delegation in Brazil in Brazil; Pilar Blanco Rodriguez, Cooperation Attaché of the European Union Delegation in Brazil; Gustavo Oubinha, representative of the Fund &Green in Brazil.