Gender Empowerment Platform launched

At the Team Up Africa event, IDH announced the official start of the Gender Empowerment Platform in the Kenyan tea industry.

The Gender Empowerment Platform will work together to address gender and gender based violence issues in the Kenyan tea industry. This will be done through the development of a practical roadmap for plantation companies, sharing best practices, and driving a joint agenda on safe spaces beyond plantations.

The platform is convened by IDH and the following organizations are part of it: Eastern Produce, Finlays, Kenyan Tea Development Agency, Sotik Tea, Unilever, the Gender Violence Recovery Centre and the Ethical Tea Partnership.

In April this year, IDH presented its common training manual on addressing gender based violence in the Kenyan tea industry. The manual has been commissioned by IDH with the objective to align training and awareness raising material around gender based violence issues for the Kenyan tea industry. It supports the effort to significantly reduce the occurrence of gender based violence (GBV) in the Kenyan tea industry by 2020.